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Chiropractor Prices

You will find chiropractor pricing at Back Pain Relief Clinic to be less than at most other chiropractic clinics. The reason behind this is simple; we care first about improving your health and believe our reward will then look after itself!

Chiropractic treatment at Back Pain Relief Clinic tries to avoid the long exhausting treatment schedule that requires you to come in for a certain amount of visits over a 3 or 4-week period. Our priority is to get you into a pain-free state, ensuring your joints and muscles are functioning correctly. Once we're confident that you have healthy and normal joint movement, our focus turns to spinal maintenance and developing a unique maintenance schedule that it tailored to your individual needs. 

$75 – Initial Consultation (20-25 mins) 
$60 -  Regular Treatment (10-15 mins)

We also offer instant private health rebates on your Chiropractor costs, so be sure to bring your private health card to have our treatment price further reduced.


Does Back Pain Relief Clinic take Health Insurance?
Yes we do! Chiropractic care is included in most private health insurance plans or can be elected as a complimentary form of medical care. Check with your health fund to see if chiropractic care is included in your care plan before visiting Back Pain Relief Clinic for treatment.

How many visits to a chiropractor does health insurance cover?
Each private health fund and type of cover is different in the amount of chiropractic care they allow patients to receive. It is best to check with your private health fund to see how much chiropractic care they will allow you to receive over a certain period of time. Back Pain Relief Clinic usually fits well in patient’s insurance schemes with inexpensive treatment that doesn’t require patients to lock into long and exhaustive schedules.

Do Chiropractors take X-rays?
Yes, Chiropractors are qualified to take and analyse patient X- rays but a majority of patients do not need X-rays. At Back Pain Relief Clinic, we will only refer to get X-ray imaging done to rule out certain pathologies and/or conditions such as spinal fracture or bony impingement of nerves to name some examples. A majority of cases are done with no need for X-ray imaging, but we will send for X-rays if it is what is needed for you to get back to optimal health, or to rule out any other underlying conditions.

Does VET affairs cover Chiropractic treatment?
If you are the owner of a Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Health Card - All Conditions (Gold) or Totally & Permanently Incapacitated (Gold), the department of veteran affairs will pay for chiropractic services, available through DVA arrangements, to meet your musculoskeletal needs.

How do I access this service?
You must be referred to a chiropractor who is able to provide services under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS). A referral can be issued by a:

  • Local Medical Officer (LMO)
  • General Practitioner (GP)
  • Medical specialist
  • Treating doctor in hospital
  • Hospital discharge planner, or
  • Chiropractor with a current referral.

Referrals remain active for 12 months, and cannot overlap from one 12 month period to the next.

Emergency Chiro Call Out Service

Dr. Lawrence offers an afterhours emergency call out service if you are experiencing acute back or neck pain and require the assistance of a chiropractor.

Please call Dr. Lawrence on
0466 689 662 to arrange an emergency call out.

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