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Gentle Chiropractic

At Back Pain Relief Clinic we pride ourselves on being able to provide non-invasive and gentle chiropractic treatment to our patients.

Some patients don’t like the feeling of their joints being manipulated (which often creates the 'cracking' sound synonymous with standard chiropractic treatments). The actual 'cracking', sound occurs when the spinal joints have rapid pressure applied to them (the technical name for this audible noise is “cavitation”). While 100s of studies over the years have proven this technique to be safe and beneficial, we also fully understand that some patients do not like the feeling of that type of treatment.

For generations, the Martinovich family have developed gentle chiropractic techniques that do not involve cavitating the joints, yet can achieve the same beneficial outcomes for the patients. So, if this is a worry of yours you can rest easy at Back Pain Relief Clinic. We design the whole treatment process around YOU. This ensures that no matter what your preference we can tailor our chiropractic treatment to your specific health problems and offer you the best chance of improvement.

Make no mistake; while we have spent years studying, developing and honing our unique treatment process, we fully believe in the standard chiropractic techniques and will often use these in daily practice. It is important to remember that we at Back Pain Relief Clinic think of this type of treatment as A TOOL in our toolkit, not THE TOOL. Below are some non-invasive, gentle chiro treatment techniques we use to make sure you have a relaxing and comfortable treatment experience with us.

Gentle Chiropractic Techniques:


You may be looking at the word 'poultice' and be thinking to yourself: “what is that?” A poultice is a soft, moist mass of material, typically consisting of natural ingredients, applied to the body to relieve soreness and inflammation and kept in place with a cloth. The Back Pain Relief Clinic Chiropractors use a poultice that is usually applied on the first visit after a thorough health history is undertaken. It is famous for the resolution of acute inflammation that usually accompanies tissue damage. The poultice also acts to soothe and relax the area of dysfunction, making it easier for the practitioner to manipulate the affected tissue the next day.

Chiropractor Activator gun

 activator-gun - Back Pain Relief Clinic

An activator gun is a bi-pronged tool used by a non-invasive chiropractor to deliver a gentle impulse force to the spinal column with the goal of restoring motion to the targeted spinal vertebra or joint. It is an alternative treatment to the high-velocity low amplitude (HVLA) adjustment commonly used by chiropractors.

Drop piece

Back Pain Relief Clinic drop piece

A drop-piece is a section of a chiropractic table that is used to facilitate correction in joint motion. This section of the table is raised a slight distance above the rest of the table, the chiropractor then applies a small thrust to the joint space which causes the raised section of the table to fall back into position thus accentuating the therapeutic force applied to the joint through gravitational assistance. This provides the patient with joint relief in a safe, controlled manner.

Back Pain Relief Clinic Round Ball Technique

 Back Pain Relief Clinic Round Ball Technique

 It is not uncommon for our patients to catch our chiropractors with a tennis ball and/or small rubber ball, (similar to a squash ball) in hand. This is a generational family technique that is used to treat soft tissue dysfunction. The squash and tennis balls are used together to generate a high-velocity manipulation over dysfunctional soft tissue in a way that promotes and accelerates healing. It is a technique that has been developed and used in the family for over a century. At Back Pain Relief Clinic, we don’t play games with your health… you can bet our balls on it.

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Dr. Lawrence offers an afterhours emergency call out service if you are experiencing acute back or neck pain and require the assistance of a chiropractor.

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